Petroscience offers complete services within petrophysical and well-log analysis including:

  •  Collection of data needed in order to get an overview prior to any evaluation

  •  Perform quality checking, curve editing, depth shifting prior to any evaluation

  •  Performing environmental corrections where needed

  •  Integration and interpretation of open hole and cased hole logging data

  • Single and multi well petrophysical interpretation

  •  Integration and interpretation of pressure and fluid data

  •  Integration and interpretation of core data

  •   Geological descriptions and determination of lithology

  •  Fluid saturations and porosity determination for reservoir modeling

  •  Estimation of sand and pay summations

  •  Calibrate petrophysical evaluation to core or test data that is available

  •  Providing detailed reports with discussion on results and summary


In addition Petroscience can provide a range of reservoir characterization techniques; from advanced well log interpretation to simple quick look formation evaluation using comprehensive interpretation software packages (Geolog, Terrastation, IP & Powerlog). Our Petrophysical team has designed a quick and cost effective workflow, providing CPI data with regards to license rounds. This workflow is based on Our experience from many license rounds in the norwegian continental shelf.