Petroscience is able to provide consultants to perform petrophysical interpretation projects in house or at the client’s offices. Our consultants are highly qualified with many years of experience. Accuracy and efficiency is guaranteed.

  • Advanced petrophysical characterization. ceterministic and probabilistic analysis in complex mineralogy, clastic and carbonate reservoirs

  • Unconventional reservoir modeling.

  • Quick-look analysis

  • Detailed integrated analysis: using logs (open or cased hole wireline logs, MWD), core data (routine, SCAL), pressure, formation test data, production data and mud log data

  • Permeability prediction and porosity architecture characterization

  • Saturation height modeling

  • Well planning and operations. Logging and coring program design.

  • Well logs QC, digitizing, validation, editing, normalization, depth shifting and environmental corrections