Petroscience is providing Petrophysical interpretation for APA (The annual system of Awards in Predefined Areas - Norway) and license rounds based on the following workflow: 

  • Well related data and reports will be acquired, quality checked and organized

  • Composite set is created (if needed) and is used as CPI input set

  • Petrophysical interpretation will be performed and following curves are computed ( VSH, PHIE, PHIT, SW, PAY and RES) by using logs, core, pressure data and info from all available reports

  • Shear sonic modeling if requested

  • We deliver:

    • CPI_INPUT.LAS: including raw curves

    • CPI_OUTPUT.LAS: including computed curves

    • CPI report: a detailed report including CPI methodology, summary of the results, input parameters and snapshots of x-plots, picket plot, etc.  

    • CPI_INPUT/OUTPUT plot: includes input curves, output curves, core data, pressure data and relevant remarks (in text on the plot)

    • Pay summary.txt

Our clients has access to their own data for additional services in the future. Additional services will be provided at a reduced cost since all data are already quality checked, organized and stored in the clients database.